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17 Real-Life Chatbot Examples for Your Conversational Strategy

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chatbot marketing examples

In the meantime, let’s look at some of the ways that you can start conversations with potential customers, and some of the use cases that chatbots are ideally suited to. Indeed, contextually appropriate communication is one of the key attributes of conversational marketing. Businesses must think about their chatbot’s accuracy, metadialog.com speed and responses to user queries. There is no perfect answer for designing a successful chatbot strategy. It needs careful thought about the product/service to promote, the target audience and how each customer journey will work. Chatbot marketing has lots of potential for customer service, engagement and automation.

  • This will help you create personalized engagement experiences for your customers and encourage them to return to your brand more frequently.
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is an excellent example of using chatbots in hospitality.
  • By introducing some of the things it is capable of, Olive is already trying to spark a conversation with the user.
  • A poorly-implemented chatbot can lead to frustrated customers that are stuck and unable to find answers to their questions.
  • Collaborate with departments such as operations and customer support teams when planning your chatbot strategy to ensure that the chatbot supports visitors at all stages of the customer journey.
  • And if you’re interested in building your own bot, watch the video below to see how Sprout can help.

This imagery and personalization technique is undoubtedly a great tactic to maintain the user’s attention while encouraging them to buy the products that they offer. GoPro is one of the businesses who’s excellent in producing visually-stimulating content in social media. Owing to this fact, then you can expect that the bot they use is of the same quality. In addition to being useful in terms of availing tickets and booking reservations, this user-friendly tool contributes to a more pleasant and joyful theme park experience.

Marketing Chatbots: The Ultimate Solution for 2023 and Beyond

Open-ended questions can leave the chatbots in a bind, therefore hampering their performance to offer a solution faster. That’s why we see many chatbots apologizing to customers during the conversation and informing them that they didn’t understand what the customer was trying to say. Other industries are considering chatbots for marketing and have successfully implemented them in their business process. Here are a few examples that’ll help you understand their possible use.


Your organization can also push customers smoothly through the sales funnel and improve conversions by including conversational AI chatbots in marketing activities. There are numerous methods to include marketing bots into your customer outreach strategy and achieve economic benefit. To make the conversation flow smoother, Hello Fresh’s bots suggest different prompts which are mainly based on the frequently asked questions of other clients. Aside from this feature, the bot is crafted with social selling component that offers customers with bot-exclusive discount codes.

Chatbot Marketing: Definition, Examples, And Best Practices

The poll data allowed on-air hosts to update the community in real-time, including the crown winning rig feature. Each weekly vote earned viewers an entry into the grand prize drawing for the Super Rig. On Kik, the beauty bot asks users to take a quiz so they can provide recommendations based on their preferences. If a user wants to purchase a product, they are redirected to the mobile site or Sephora. The bot allows customers to place orders and customize their pizzas all within the chat, making it a cinch to buy your favorite pie.

What is an example of conversation in marketing?

The most conventional example of conversational marketing in action is the use of lead generation chatbots. They are perfect for automating the process of lead capture and qualifying leads as they come in. The chatbot can be triggered when someone visits a specific page or after a delay.

A chatbot is a smart virtual assistant, an online program that is integrated into a company’s customer support software. Implementing a chatbot, much like these nine brands did, could be how you stay one step ahead of the competition. Though many of the tools above specialize in specific platforms like Facebook, Telegram, etc., Flow XO does them all. The software helps to create one chatbot through its drag-and-drop interface; that bot can be used for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and SMS. While many chatbots focus on Facebook Messenger, Drift lives on your website.

Marketing chatbots: The marketer that’s always on

But what if we told you that there’s a secret weapon that can make all the difference in how your messages are received? Engage

This AI solution bot engages the site visitor by offering an interactive way to test out the solution. Understand

The bot goes on to tell the site visitor they will be asking a series of questions to determine if they are eligible for the offer outlined in the hook. It then asks relevant questions to the site visitor to determine the best recommendation.

Shopify, Coca Cola Harness the Power of ChatGPT – PYMNTS.com

Shopify, Coca Cola Harness the Power of ChatGPT.

Posted: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Many businesses might have an internal system to manage and track leaves or holidays for a month. Chatbots can very well replace them and help your employees keep track of their leaves in no time. These chatbots will also help your employees apply for leaves and send notifications to other team members who can look after their work. If you see a chatbot widget showing product recommendations as you browse the website, it’s called a marketing strategy. After going live with the chatbot, Sephora found that the customers were highly engaged in chatting with the brand on Kik and sent an average of ten messages per day. Chatbots are a cost-effective alternative to hiring customer service representatives.

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The company claims that the diagnosis overlapped in more than 90% of the cases. Most of the conversations use quick replies—you choose one of the suggested dialog options. It feels like an interactive, conversational psychological test. The conversation design is tailor-made for the real estate industry. They can have their own personality and become a soul mate for people who are going through a tough time in their life. With 90,000+ plugin installations, it is the most popular WordPress chatbot in the world.

chatbot marketing examples

This means that customers can get assistance or make inquiries anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for them and improving their overall experience with the brand. They not only help bring in leads but interact with and understand customers to collect necessary data, and give more personalized responses and recommendations through real-time responses. All while being a cost-effective resource that allows a business owner or marketer to focus on conceptualizing optimal and more successful marketing strategies for their brand. One of the best things about customer service chatbots is how they enable customers to help themselves. InboundLabs does this well by integrating its chatbot with a knowledge base, so users can make a query and receive relevant, helpful content from the chatbot. A chatbot might be used to welcome guests, schedule appointments, and answer questions.

Faster Responses:

Whole Foods’ Facebook Messenger Bot is just as exciting, connecting with users by providing recipes, products, and cooking inspiration. It offers filters and options for different types of food, including international cuisines with each message. Whole Foods makes it easy for users to narrow in on the kind of recipe they’re looking for. FirstJob, an online-based recruiting firm created a chatbot Mya, in order to manage large candidate pools, giving the recruiters more time to focus on interviews and closing offers.

Battle of the Bots: Which AI is Better at Picking Stocks? – Investopedia

Battle of the Bots: Which AI is Better at Picking Stocks?.

Posted: Sat, 15 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Is WhatsApp a chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a computer program that can automatically reply to messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp bots work 24/7 and can have multiple conversations with different persons, at the same time. They are often used to automatically answer questions and provide information about a company or products and services.

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